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艺术家名:Various Artists

01. 被遗忘的时光 – 蔡琴 [出塞曲]
02. I\’m in The Mood For Love – Terry Snyder and The All Stars [Persuasive Percussion]
03. Serenade : Schubert – Daniel & Carey Domb, cello and guitar [Apollo]
04. Baby Elephant Walk – Lawrence Welk [Lawrence Welk’s Baby Elephant and Theme from The Brothers Grimm]
05. One Night in Tokyo(Una Sera Di Tokyo) – Romantic Latin Guitar & His Allstar Latin Combo [Romantic Latin Guitar]
06. Humoresque – David Nadien, Violin and Boris Barere, piano [Humoresque]
07. 鸟语春雷 – 黄启光、钟肇峰 [The Gallery of Fine Arts]
08. Tea for Two Cha Cha – The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra starring Warren Convington [Tea for Two Cha Cha]
09. 支那之夜 Shina No Yoru – Strings Purple Crystal [China Mood]
10. Roman Guitar – Tony Mottola and his orchestra [Roman Guitar]
11. O Sole Mio – Kurt Edelhagen orchestra [Holiday In Italy]
12. Wheels – Billy Vaughn and his orchestra [Billy Vaughn]
13. 老鼠娶亲 – 山西绛州鼓乐艺术团 [绛州大鼓]

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