Green Eyed Soul

作者 : Hi-Res 发布时间: 2001-05-15 共53人阅读

艺术家名:Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor (born Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe; June 13, 1980) is a German singer and songwriter. Raised in Delmenhorst, she became part of a church choir at the age of six. Connor rose to prominence after she signed with X-Cell Records in 2000 and released her debut album Green Eyed Soul (2001) the following year. She followed it with a series of successful albums, including Unbelievable (2002), Key to My Soul (2003), Naughty but Nice (2005), Christmas in My Heart (2005), Soulicious (2007), Sexy as Hell (2008) and Real Love (2010). Several songs from these albums became hit singles on the pop record charts, including the number-one hits "From Sarah with Love", "Music is the Key", "Just One Last Dance", "Living to Love You" and "From Zero to Hero". In 2015, Connor\’s first German language project Muttersprache became her second chart topper after a decade.

歌谱 列表:

1. Lets Get Back To Bed Boy
2. If U Were My Man
3. French Kissing
4. Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)
5. From Sarah With Love
6. Make U High
7. In My House
8. Where Do We Go From Here
9. I Can\’t Lie
10. Imagining
11. Every Little Thing
12. Undressed
13. Can\’t Get None
14. Man Of My Dreams
15. Let Us Come 2gether
16. When I Dream
17. Let\’s Get Back to Bed – Boy! (feat. TQ) (Gena B. Good remix)

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