The Adventures of Pie Boy

作者 : Hi-Res 发布时间: 2020-12-15 共27人阅读

艺术家名:The Spice Cabinet

The Adventures of Pie Boy
The Spice Cabinet
Released on 15/12/2020 by Go East Music Entertainment Consulting Limited
Main artists: The Spice Cabinet
Genre: Jazz
Digital booklet
Available in
logo Hi-Res
48.0 kHz – Stereo

歌谱 列表:

1 Stick It To Ya
2 Gotta Warm Up
3 Dali Girl
4 Lost in Space
5 Big Bots Battle in the Blue
6 Pie Boy Moon Bone
7 Bittersweet
8 Echoes of Shangri-la
9 Sugoi Smash
10 Outro

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