Surface Sounds

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  With 2016’s debut album A/B garnering global success, Kaleo recently released two new tracks written solely by lead singer and songwriter Julius Son: \”I Want More,\” which Texas Monthly calls \”a tender-yet-tough anthem\” that \”goes down nice and easy,\” and \”Break My Baby,\” that Loudwire describes as \”hooky and groovy, showcasing the range of [Julius Son’s] vocal and a gritty, bluesy approach.\”
  Julius Son has been in the studio allowing a combination of globe-trotting and meticulous tinkering to influence the highly-anticipated new album, resulting in spectrum of sounds recorded around the world – in North America, South America and across Europe. Refreshingly free of calculation, with Julius Son allowing each tune to dictate its path while simultaneously leaning-in to his blues, folk and rock inclinations.
  A/B spawned three hit singles for the Icelandic rock band – the Grammy-nominated \”No Good,\”, \”All The Pretty Girls,\” and the chart-topping, Platinum-certified \”Way Down We Go\”.

歌谱 列表:

01 Brother Run Fast
02 Break My Baby
03 Alter Ego
04 Free the Slave
05 Skinny
06 Hey Gringo
07 My Fair Lady
08 I Want More
09 Backbone
10 I Walk on Water
11 Into My Mother\’s Arms

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